A large part of my agency experience has centered around creating campaign concepts to present to new and existing clients, illustrating to them how their product or brand can be brought to life in a disease space. After being given a creative brief, medical download of the client, and strategic direction of what values, tones, and parts of the client’s story are most important to highlight, I launch into designing eye-catching and captivating campaign ideas to pitch to the client.  
One of my favorite parts of campaign concepting is being able to partner with a copywriter and create visual executions of the client’s stories. It pushes my thinking, ideation, and design process to create something new, unprecedented, and unexpected in the pharmaceutical industry. I love creating designs for patients and doctors that at first glance look like anything but a pharma ad. 
Here’s some samples of work I have done and pitched to clients. I try to incorporate handwritten typography and illustration wherever I can. Logos and client names have been removed where necessary. 
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