I created three vinyl album covers for the band Rush with vellum slip covers, encased in a hand-crafted wooden box with a laser-cut lid to celebrate their achievements in music by highlighting their albums 2112, Signals, and Snakes & Arrows. As a band that has been around for over 40 years, I really wanted to give the group a new identity that formed a cohesive whole while still giving each album a different flare. I included imagery from their original album covers as well as visuals stemmed from the lyrics in each of the albums I also created a catalogue the fits inside the box and is printed on textured paper. 
I played around a lot with collaging, combining, and distorting images pulled from the lyrics in order to create layers, texture, and depth to reflect the Rush's musical style. The catalogue goes further in depth about the albums and is a continuation of the new brand. The whole idea behind the overall design aesthetic was to create something fun, quirky, and distinctive; much like the band itself. 
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